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March 1, 2021

We see it in rising temps and more intense natural disasters. Our world is transforming because of climate change. In this edition, we take a closer look at how technology can interact with the environment for the good of people, planet, and profit.  


Sustainability is an innovation problem

Effectively acting on climate change requires the reinvention of almost everything — from our energy systems to the way we transport people and things. This won’t be easy or cheap, but as Professor Rebecca Henderson explains, there is still a strong business case to be made.

Climate intelligence: a clean way forward

Companies are tapping machine learning and artificial intelligence to help in the fight. Jeff Wen, a PhD student at Stanford, shares how these powerful tools are navigating vast, complex data to improve decision making.

Forecasting agricultural vulnerabilities on a changing planet

Satellites give us a whole new way to look at the effects of climate change on agriculture — from underneath the ground. Angela Rigden, a hydrologist and Harvard postdoc, is using this data to map agricultural "hotspots" and ultimately guide adaptation strategies to protect the world's food supply.

What are other disruptive opportunities?

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One more thing...

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