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HBS Gender Initiative Director Colleen Ammerman has a question for you

Summit journey with marker over listening

We want to hear your thoughts and experiences around tech inequality. Our Summit listening tour co-host Colleen Ammerman, director of the HBS Gender Initiative, has a question for you. Name a tech product that doesn’t seem made for you… or briefly describe an experience with technology that made you feel excluded. Check out Colleen’s take on the topic and send back a 10-second reply in video, audio, or text form to add your voice to the listening tour. (Our team is having a lot of fun with this tool and hope you do too).  

When does technology not work for you?

We’re excited to hear from you and we’ll share some responses at Summit Gathering, our virtual event in March where we’ll come together to discuss the problem of inequality in tech and identify opportunities to improve.

Learn more about our great partner, the HBS Gender Initiative, a team that catalyzes and translates research to drive change and eradicate gender, race, and other forms of inequality in business and society. To keep exploring, sign up for their newsletter!


  • Colleen Ammerman

    Colleen is the director of the Gender Initiative at Harvard Business School, a professional feminist, and amateur chef.

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