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About the project, Pathways to a Just Digital Future

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Technology has the potential to build a better world… but its applications and uses are often biased and can reinforce systems of inequality. What can we do?

We’ve teamed up with our good friends at the HBS Gender Initiative, a team that catalyzes and shares research aimed at eradicating gender, race, and other forms of inequality. Together, we’re embarking on a project that brings together thinkers, makers, and activists to unpack the roots of inequality in tech and chart a course toward a digital world that works for everyone. Over the course of the project, we’ll host a listening tour, community gatherings, and an exciting opportunity to implement change in your workplace. 

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A 10-episode listening tour with scholars, practitioners, and activists challenging disparities in tech in the areas of data, design, and diversity on teams

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Virtual gatherings to connect and problem solve with your community

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An opportunity for a cohort from the community to implement change in your world

We recognize that this project is ambitious, but we believe if change is going to come from somewhere, it’s going to come from you — as you train your next machine learning model, design your next interface, or build your next team. As a tech creator, a researcher, a maker, an employee of a company that builds or leverages tech, or a general citizen, how will YOU use your power? 

Join us for the full journey or jump in along the way. We’ll share updates and opportunities to get involved in our newsletter and on Twitter and LinkedIn with #JustDigitalFuture.

We want to hear your comments, questions, ideas, and reactions. Send us a note! You’ll reach the team behind Pathways to a Just Digital Future: Ethiopiah Al-Mahdi, Colleen Ammerman, Tanya Flint, David Homa, Michelle Monti, Liz Sarley, and Jamie Thomas.


  • Ethiopiah Al-Mahdi

    Ethi is a coordinator for the Gender Initiative at Harvard Business School, a professional photographer, and an avid movie buff.

  • Colleen Ammerman

    Colleen is the director of the Gender Initiative at Harvard Business School, a professional feminist, and amateur chef.

  • Tanya Flint

    Tanya is the DI’s associate director of technology, she’s agile certified, the finder of application shortcuts, and always interested in a good tech meet-up.

  • David Homa

    Dave is the DI’s director, a tech and business world bridge-builder, and pursuer of Nordic skiing and Scottish fiddle music.

  • Michelle Monti

    Michelle is the DI’s communications consultant, she loves catching typos, and enjoys satisfying her inner ham by performing music, theater, and comedy.

  • Elizabeth Sarley

    Liz is the DI’s associate director of communications, she loves a good story, and is fueled by social impact work and cheese.

  • Jamie Thomas

    Jamie is the DI’s community manager, a teacher, a rock-star mom, and searches for the humanity in technology.

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Just Digital Future
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