Why Should Society Care About the Quantified Athlete

“Of course the NFL and the NHL and the NBA — the big leagues — are talking about it, but this is a discussion that is happening everywhere.”

The Harvard Innovation Lab in partnership with the Sports Innovation Lab and OneTeam Collective hosted a unique forum on the Rise of the Quantified Athlete. In this keynote, speakers Isaiah Kacyvenski, Angela Ruggiero, Josh Walker, and Ahmad Nassar provide a glimpse at the extensive sports technology industry that is disrupting and transforming every aspect of athletics today.


  • Jodi Goldstein

    Jodi (MBA ’96) is the Executive Director of the Harvard Innovation Labs.

  • Isaiah Kacyvenski

    Isaiah (MBA ’11) is a former NFL linebacker and the Managing Partner of Blue Star Innovation Partners. Previously, Isaiah was the Co-founder and Managing Director of the Sports Innovation Lab.

  • Angela Ruggiero

    Angela (MBA ’14) is a former professional hockey player and the CEO and Co-Founder of the Sports Innovation Lab.

  • Josh Walker

    Josh is an entrepreneur and Co-founder and Managing Director of the Sports Innovation Lab. 

  • Ahmad Nassar

    Ahmad is the President of NFL Players Inc. and the Co-Founder and Executive Board Member of OneTeam Collective, an athlete-driven accelerator.