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A new type of AV, a new type of AV company 

“We really wanted to change the way people moved around cities. And in our view that meant doing something more than just retrofitting conventional cars to be self-driving.”

Jesse Levinson

Zoox’s approach to solving autonomous mobility has always been a little bit different. In this interview, Zoox co-founder and chief technology officer, Jesse Levinson, shares what makes the Zoox product and model unique from a technical and business perspective. Jesse gives us a peek into how they’re innovating on the hardware, the software, and the integration of the two to create a new type of vehicle. Beyond the tech, Zoox is redesigning the business model by shifting from selling everybody their own car to autonomous electric people movers that provide rides all day and all night long.

The vision is compelling and doesn’t take much to get people excited, but we had to ask the big elephant in the room question: is this really possible and if it is, why hasn’t it happened yet?


“Each one of our vehicles would be profoundly more useful and efficient throughout a 24 hour cycle than somebody’s personal car, which spends 96% of its time taking up space and depreciating.” — Jesse Levinson


  • Jesse Levinson

    Jesse Levinson is the co-founder and chief technology officer of Zoox, a startup creating ground-up, fully autonomous electric vehicles for point-to-point mobility in cities.

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Industry Transformations