Online to Offline: The Impact of Airbnb on the US Residential Housing Market

11:30 am March 6, 2019

Cotting House Conference Room, HBS

Abstract: In this empirical paper, I estimate the impact of Airbnb on home values in the US. I exploit natural experiments created by regulations and employ a spatial regression discontinuity design. It is relevant for understanding how technological innovations affect the market value of real assets and how they interact with existing regulatory frameworks.

Speaker Bio: Sophie Calder-Wang is a PhD candidate in Economics at Harvard University. Her interests are in finance and industrial organization. Sophie’s research focuses on understanding how innovations interact with the market. Particularly, how they are financed, how they affect asset prices and product market competition and how to make sure that gains from innovations are distributed equitably. Prior to Harvard, Sophie received a BA in Mathematics from Princeton University with certificates in Financial Economics and Computer Science.

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