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Tunis, Tunisia

Originally called the Silicon Valley Human Rights Conference, RightsCon has historically rotated between San Francisco and another global city. Now, RightsCon is an annual event that rotates its location each year to new host cities around the world that are power centers for technology and human rights. In 2019, RightsCon will be hosted in Tunis, Tunisia.

As our world becomes more and more digital, the RightsCon program simultaneously has grown to reflect the breadth and depth of technology’s impact on society and our human rights. Here are some of the issues that will be covered at RightsCon Tunis:

  • Artificial intelligence, automation, and algorithmic accountability
  • Data trust, protection and user control locally, regionally, and globally
  • The impact of the convergence of new technologies
  • Freedom of expression and censorship
  • Jurisdiction and the rule of law
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