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Digital Seminar Series: Pablo Boczkowski of Northwestern University

Pablo Boszkawski

Abstract: In this presentation I will share preliminary results of an ongoing study of how young people (18-29 years of age) consume news on social media. Drawing upon survey and interview data, I will shed light on: a) the growing importance of the incidental access to information; b) the technological, demographic, and structural determinants of this phenomenon; and c) the dynamics of its experiential dimension. I will conclude by reflecting on what these findings mean for the ties that connect media, technology, and society in the digital age.

You can listen to Pablo’s talk here

Bio: Pablo J. Boczkowski is professor in the School of Communication at Northwestern University. His research program centers on comparative studies about the intersection of media, technology, and society. He has authored three books, co-edited another one, and published over twenty-five journal articles.

You can watch Pablo’s post-Seminar interview here