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HBS Hacks: Solving For The Future Of Work In San Francisco

8:00 am May 18, 2018

Google Community Space, San Francisco, CA

The world of work is constantly changing at an ever-increasing pace. Technological breakthroughs are upending traditional work everywhere—from grocery store self-checkout stands to software automating bookkeeping—and causing both displacement and new opportunities for workers. Many see it as an inevitable brewing storm. But is there a way society can be better prepared for it?

HBS Hacks, an innovative, hands-on, interactive event, brings together alumni from diverse backgrounds to tackle the question of the future of work in San Francisco. How can displaced workers best be redeployed? How can business, government, and nonprofit leaders come together to mitigate the effects of worker displacement? How should entrants to the workforce best prepare themselves?

This full day event will enable alumni to hear from HBS faculty members and experts in the field, then work together in teams to craft and present action plans for industry, the City of San Francisco, local colleges, and nonprofits. Collaborators from, the City of San Francisco, IDEO, and other businesses and local non-profits will be there to shine the light on the problems at hand.

Prizes awarded for the best solutions! HBS Community Partners will then work with the cross-sector leaders over the next year to plan and pilot the winning solutions, with follow-up results to share one year later.

Be a part of the solution to the Future of Work in San Francisco. Space is limited. Sign up now to claim your spot!

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