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The Utility of Lab-Based Research for Digital Initiatives

Digital Seminar Series: Duane Varan of Murdoch University

Duane Varan

Abstract: ​In this presentation, Dr. Varan will explore the benefits of lab-based approaches to studying digital media initiatives with particular focus on the opportunities and limitations associated with psychophysiological measures (EDA, facial coding, eye tracking, response latency, etc.).  He will also provide case studies illustrating the utility of the various tools drawing on his experiences with the ESPN Lab in Austin, Texas, and his academic research.

Bio: Dr. Duane Varan is CEO of MediaScience, facilitators of the ESPN Lab in Austin, Texas.  This is a role he holds concurrently with his appointment as Professor of Audience Research at Murdoch University in Australia.  Dr. Varan is the recipient of numerous awards including the Australian Prime Minister’s Award for University Educator of the Year.  Over the past ten years, Dr. Varan has served as project leader on the Beyond Thirty Seconds (Beyond :30) research project, supported by many of the world’s leading television networks, advertising brands and technology enablers.  Beyond :30 is one of the world’s largest academically-led research initiatives exploring business models for the changing media landscape.  Dr. Varan also served as project leader on the Advertising Research Foundation’s recent NeuroStandards 1.0 research initiative, exploring the opportunities and limitations associated with neuromarketing measures for advertising.​