April 22, 2019
Feb 28 2019

Digital Transformation Summit:
AI, Ethics, and Business Decisions

4:00 pm — Klarman Hall, HBS

An open forum on tech, organizations, and markets.

Digital Transformation Summit:  AI, Ethics, and Business Decisions

The aim of Digital Transformation Summit is simple: to help leaders gain new and informed perspective on the intersection of technology and business.

This year, we focus on AI, ethics, and the implications for business decision makers.

While the benefits of AI can reduce costs and improve efficiency and even accuracy, many AI tools lack transparency and have inherent biases. So where does this leave business leaders facing unknown consequences? In order to evaluate opportunities and risks, you will likely rely on experts that sit at the intersection of several fields. We’re here to connect you.


Join students from HBS and beyond, scholars, practitioners, and alumni in this open event to dig deeper on a topic that impacts current and future business leaders.


  • The 2018 Summit took place on Wednesday, March 7.

    The event included:

    • – Five provocative keynotes by pioneers in emerging technologies like virtual reality, blockchain and artificial intelligence.
    • – A panel of venture capital leaders on investing in platforms.
    • – A diverse crowd of over 400 engineers, scholars, entrepreneurs, and students from Harvard and beyond.
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    Rikard Steiber

    President, Viveport and SVP of Virtual Reality, HTC Vive
    Dawn of Vive Reality — The Convergence of VR/AR, AI & 5G


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    Amy Yu

    Senior Director, Product Strategy & Data Science, Viacom
    Imagination & Intelligence: Navigating the Age of AI


    Hanna Halaburda

    Senior Economist, Bank of Canada
    Blockchain Revolution without the Blockchain?


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    Kelly Trindel

    Head of IO Science & Diversity Analytics, Pymetrics
    Emerging Technology Systems in Employment Selection and Talent Acquisition; Promise and Caution


    Bill Ruh

    Chief Executive Officer, GE Digital and SVP & Chief Digital Officer, GE
    Becoming Digital Industrial

    Thanks for a great Digital Transformation Summit 2018. To continue exploring the event, check out the talks here.


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