Summit: Blocks and Bots

4:00 pm November 18, 2015

HBS Batten Hall

The Digital Transformation Summit is an examination of two emerging technologies for transformation: the blockchain and machine learning. We’ll cover the basics of the technologies, their applications, and the business opportunities, as well as hands-on engagement with the companies that are already starting to deploy.

  • Blocks: The blockchain acts as a decentralized record of transactions of many kinds. Because of its flexibility and distributed nature, it holds the potential to change the way we think about identity, ownership, currency, and transactions in the digital age.
  • Bots: Machine learning and artificial intelligence capitalize on algorithms that improve over time to provide better outputs. Combining this learning capability with the computational power of machines sets the stage for automation and rapid improvement of business processes.

The Summit features two parallel learning sessions, lightning round presentations from emerging tech companies, and a keynote talk by Alexa Swaison, VP at Watson Platform & Solutions, IBM where she’ll share insights on how incubate companies need to transform to actively engage in the digital economy. Join over 400 curious engineers, scholars, entrepreneurs, and students from Harvard and beyond to dig in on blocks & bots!

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