Summit: Tech Trends and Challenges

HBS Batten Hall

The #digHBS Summit offers cutting-edge provocations and observations from diverse 21st century leaders in an interactive setting oriented towards understanding and solutions. It brings together unexpected groupings of industry experts from academia and practice for frank conversations on emerging technologies, trends, and challenges.

The Summit features two learning sessions and a keynote talk by Robin Chase, co-founder of Zipcar, who will share insights from her book, Peers Inc: How People and Platforms Are Inventing the Collaborative Economy and Reinventing Capitalism.

Join over 300 scholars, practitioners, and students from Harvard and beyond, to jointly explore the digital transformation of the economy, further developing awareness, insights, and approaches that will help them to lead in the face of dynamic 21st century management challenges.

HBS panel moderators

  • Bharat Anand
  • Tom Eisenmann
  • Sunil Gupta
  • Marco Iansiti
  • Karim Lakhani
  • Henry McGee
  • Felix Oberholzer-Gee
  • Mike Tushman
  • Mitch Weiss
  • John Winsor
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