September 20, 2019
Nov 13 2019

Cracking the coding interview

12:15 pm — HBS Cotting Conference Room, 107

Doctoral Student Workshop Series: David Holtz, Sloan School of Management at MIT. This event is open to faculty, doctoral students, and academic researchers.

Cracking the coding interview


Using rich data from an online platform for technical phone screens, we identify the interactional qualities associated with various post-interview outcomes. We also investigate how interactional processes in interviews unfold over time. This is a joint work with Lily Fesler, Sanaz Mobasseri, Zanele Munyikwa, and Janet Xu.

Speaker bio

David Holtz is a doctoral candidate in the information technologies group at Sloan School of Management, MIT. His research interests span online marketplace design, causal inference, applied machine learning, and network science.

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