Community Conversation: The global cultural lens of AI

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“It is essential that people from different backgrounds are represented within artificial intelligence and machine learning, because this technology has an effect on everyone’s lives.”

— Laura N Montoya, founder and managing partner of Accel Impact Organizations

Join us on May 27th from 4:00 – 4:45 pm ET for another Community Conversation, an intimate virtual event where you can make you voice heard by joining Colleen Ammerman and David Homa, as we reflect on our recent conversation with Laura N Montoya. Together, we’ll explore the correlation between underrepresentation and bias in AI, and the importance of underrepresented communities to have equal access to resources and tools.

We’d like to include as many perspectives as possible in these conversations, while keeping the group small enough so everyone can share their thoughts. With our limited capacity, send a note to if you’re interested in joining!

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