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Community Conversation: Equitable & Ethical Decision-Making in Tech Development

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“All data science is political… it’s impossible to take a data set and analyze it in a quote unquote perfectly objective way because you’re always going to be putting on there some type of value judgment about what the data set represents.” 

– james Mickens, Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering & Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard

To kick off “Summit Gathering,” we are hosting a series of Community Conversations to dig deeper into the issues around inequality in tech discussed on the listening tour and generate ideas for change.

Join us on December 3rd at 4:30 pm ET for a sneak peek of our recent conversation with James Mickens. Together, we’ll explore how to meaningfully integrate questions of equity and ethics into decision-making about data and technology systems.

We’d like to include as many perspectives as possible in these conversations, while keeping the group small enough so everyone can share their thoughts. With our limited capacity, send a note to if you’re interested in joining!

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All data science is political. It's impossible to take a dataset and analyze it in a 'perfectly objective' way. Because you're always going to be putting on there some type of value judgment about what the dataset represents.

James Mickens
Computer scientist and Harvard University professor

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