January 23, 2020
Aug 6 2020

BEACON: the Harvard Business Analytics Conference

8:00 am — Harvard Business School

The Age of AI.

BEACON: the Harvard Business Analytics Conference

Analytics and AI are rapidly becoming the new operational foundations of business. Both startups and established firms need to understand what paths are opened by this transformation. Bringing together business leaders, technologists, academics, and practitioners, BEACON will illuminate the immense possibilities and complex challenges of this new age of innovation.

The two-day event hosted by the Harvard Business Analytics Program is an opportunity to connect with those investing in understanding, deploying, and managing new strategies. Together, we will explore the opportunities and pitfalls that have emerged in this rapidly changing landscape. We will map ways to drive competitive advantage, while navigating new ethical territory. We will learn how advanced analytical methods will have wide-ranging implications for the operational models of all businesses and the fundamental role of business in society.

Topics covered include:

  • Bleeding edge of AI
  • “Disruptors” business model
  • “Reinvented” business model
  • Ethics and fairness in AI
  • Social data analytics
  • Industry deep-dives

Attendees will leave BEACON better-equipped to light the way forward in the age of AI.


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