June 18, 2018
Mar 8 2017

Augmenting Human and Machine Intelligence with Data Visualization

12:00 pm — Harvard Business School

Digital Seminar Series: Fernanda Viégas & Martin Wattenberg, Google

Augmenting Human and Machine Intelligence with Data Visualization

Abstract: How data visualization serves to augment intelligence–human and machine alike. First, visualization can effectively make people smarter about data, boosting their individual and collective ability to process and understand complex information. Second, as machine learning becomes increasingly important, visualization can play a critical role in helping humans understand, build, and control systems based on machine intelligence. Will discuss a series of examples drawn from the worlds of business, computer science, and even art that illustrate both of these aspects.

Watch Martin’s post-Seminar interview here and Fernanda’s here.



  • Martin Wattenberg

    Martin is a computer scientist and artist. He is a co-leader, with Fernanda Viégas, of Google’s “Big Picture” data visualization group, part of the Google Brain team.

  • Fernanda Viégas, Seminar speaker

    Fernanda is a computational designer whose work focuses on the collaborative and artistic aspects of information visualization.

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