May 24, 2018
The March Edition

The Modern Worker

Keeping up with the pace of digital technology can feel a bit like running through quicksand, perhaps especially when trying to navigate one’s career amidst the constantly changing landscape. That’s why this month we’re taking a look at the complex forces shaping modern work trends and providing some strategies for how to get – and stay – ahead in the digital economy.

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In This Edition

Each edition explores a facet of the digital economy and investigates the forces transforming it.



  1. William Kerr

    William Kerr

    William is the Dimitri V. D’Arbeloff – MBA Class of 1955 Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and the co-director of Harvard’s Managing the Future of Work initiative.

  2. Joseph Fuller

    Joseph Fuller

    Joseph is a Professor of Management Practice in General Management and co-director of the Managing the Future of Work initiative.

  3. Emily Glassberg Sands

    Emily Glassberg Sands

    Emily has a Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University and is the head of data science at Coursera.

  4. Julie Larson-Green

    Julie Larson-Green

    Julie served in a variety of positions at Microsoft from 1993 to 2017, most recently as Chief Experience Officer (CXO) of the Office Experience Organization.

  5. David Homa

    David Homa

    David is the Director of the Digital Initiative tech and business world bridge-builder, pursuer of Nordic skiing and Scottish fiddle music.