May 24, 2018
The January Edition

The Future of Fintech

Perhaps it’s no surprise as we come off the decadence of the holiday season that we’ve got finances on the mind. No story about fintech would be complete without drawing considerable attention to the elephant in the bank (as it were) – blockchain. And indeed, we do address the promise and potential of blockchain along with considering how established giants like Ant Financial and rogue startups like Wealthfront are changing the landscape of fintech for everyone and in a myriad of ways. From ICOs to robo-advisors, here’s what’s capturing our attention in the world of finance this month.

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Mar 6 2018

Finovate Europe

Finovate Europe


  1. Feng Zhu

    Feng Zhu

    Feng Zhu is the Piramal Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.

  2. Luis Viceira

    Luis Viceira

    Luis is the George E. Bates Professor and Senior Associate Dean for International Development at the Harvard Business School.

  3. Karim Lakhani

    Karim Lakhani

    Karim is Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, the Principal Investigator of the Crowd Innovation Lab and NASA Tournament Lab and the faculty co-founder of the HBS Digital Initiative.

  4. Marco Iansiti

    Marco Iansiti

    Marco is the David Sarnoff Professor of Business Administration, and heads the Technology and Operations Management Unit and is Co-Chair of the Digital Initiative at HBS.

  5. Christopher Malloy

    Christopher Malloy

    Christopher is a Professor in the Finance Unit at Harvard Business School, and a Faculty Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research.

  6. James Heskett

    James Heskett

    James is UPS Foundation Professor of Business Logistics, Emeritus at the Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard University.