Reimagining Management through People Analytics

“If we had held this event 5 years ago, I don’t think there would have been a panel on people analytics because there really wasn’t people analytics.”

In recent years, people analytics has emerged as a new method within companies that can help managers, executives and HR make decisions about their employees and workforce. In this panel discussion from our 2017 Digital Transformation Summit, Professor Jeff Polzer leads a discussion with Carolyn O’Boyle from Deloitte, Chantrelle Nielsen from Microsoft, Ben Waber from Humanyze and Ian O’Keefe from JP Morgan. The panel explores the question, “how is the use of data in organizations going to change the way we manage and lead?” and share insights into how big data analytics is impacting everything from diversity and inclusion to collaboration and retention.


  • Jeffrey Polzer

    Jeff is the UPS Foundation Professor of Human Resource Management in the organizational behavior unit at Harvard Business School.